Turf Reels

Idrofoglia turf reels are the ideal compact size to irrigate small areas such as grass fields, horse arenas, public areas or sports grounds! With hose lengths ranging from 165-650 feet we have the right size for you.

J1 40-125

  • J1 40-125:  1.6″ x 410 ft
  • Two Wheeled Galvanized Chassis
  • High Efficiency Water Driven Turbine
  • Single-speed Gearbox with Automatic Drive Disengagement
  • Chain Driven Hose Guide
  • Manual Speed Control
  • Pressure Gauge
  • Automatic Foldaway Cart Lift
  • Galvanized Sprinkler Cart with Adjustable Track
  • Sime Sprinkler
  • Impact Resistant MDPE Hose
All sizes are measured outside diameter
Noted size(s) are stocked machines and many other sizes on request

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