Agriculture Reels

Idrofoglia carries a wide variety of agriculture reels useful for large-scale farming operations or for watering areas that are not easily accessible by other means. With hose lengths ranging from 650 to 1476 feet and flow rates from 52 to 330 GPM we have the perfect size reel for any application where a high volume of water is needed.


110-450 - 120-370


  • Impact resistant MPDE hose
  • Komet 140 sprinkler
  • With or without IdroMop Computer control
  • 360 Degree rotating turn table
  • Hydraulic stabilizer legs and sprinkler cart
  • Chain driven hose guid
  • Galvanized Frame
  • 3-Wheel galvanized sprinkler cart with adjustable track
  • High efficiency turbine drive
  • 4-Speed gearbox
  • Automatic retraction stop
  • Auxiliary PTO powered retraction system
  • Automatic retraction speed compensation
  • G5S 110-450:  4.3″ OD x 1476 ft
  • G5S 120-370:  4.7″ OD x 1214 ft

Idrofoglia G5

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