Komet Sprinklers

Komet Ultra 140 Series Big Volume Sprinkler

Used for traveling irrigators, open field watering, and industrial dust suppression.

Komet Ultra 140 Series Big Volume Sprinkler

  • Dynamic intermittent jet-breaker allows for finer irrigation droplets on sensitive crops.
  • Automatic speed of rotation control self-adjusts to system pressure allows steady speed over the entire nozzle-pressure range essential for uniform water application.
  • No ball bearings – maintenance-free.
  • Slow reverse reduces vibration allows reel hose irrigators to track straight and prevent tip over. Diffused start-up prevents large single jet of water preventing furrows and run-off.
  • Bearing assembly and all moving parts are sealed against water and designed for use without ball bearings.


  • Part and full circle
  • Nozzles 16-30mm
  • Trajectory angle 24°
  • Flange connection external circle 154mm, 6 holes at 10.5mm on pitch circle 130mm
  • High-grade alloy construction Radius range 27-63m
  • Nozzle pressure range 200-700kPa

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